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Pendolino – First EP samples

During the week we received the first EP samples of two of the Pendolino vehicles – the DMSO and a TS – airfreighted in from China for the Warley National Model Railway Show at the NEC.

Pendo sample

Considering they are the first shots from the mould, and were assembled in a hurry to reach us in time for the show, we are very happy with them, and reaction over the weekend has been very positive.

During the exhibition the samples were examined by a customer who is also a Pendolino driver – and given full approval.

There are clearly some areas where we are expecting to slightly improve the fit – such as the lower front air dam – but in general terms the samples are very fine.

Portal 1 Portal 2

Although this model contained a chassis block there is no motor – though on the underside the traction motors and various other details are present!

The next step will be a fully working sample for testing, and once we have approved this, and painted samples, we will be moving to production.

Alongside the DMSO at Warley we had one of the TS vehicles.  This one is actually Coach U, one of the two added to the nine-car sets to strengthen them to 11 cars and that was supplied with a Pantograph well but with no pantograph present.  This is one of the two coaches that will be available in the twin pack, as well as supplied of course as part of the full 11-car train packs.

Pendo Warley

We are now expecting to close the order book at the end of March.  At that time we will only produce those models ordered by then.