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Pendolino Interiors finalised


We have received revised versions of the interior mouldings.  This is standard class with standard seating, for coaches E, F and U.

interior 301 - 1

Following feedback, the designers have now changed the profile of the seats to more accurately reflect the distinctive curved seating used by Virgin in the Pendolino trains.  This moulding is for Coach J – first class with disabled toilet.

interior 302 - 1

This comparison of the Shop area (Coach C) plan with the same section as depicted shows the attention to detail being offered.  Even the seat in the small guard’s cabin is, correctly, of a different type.

interior 303 - 2

PTSRMB interior 2


The designers have even depicted the two types of table – single and twin-leaf – that Pendolinos carry.

interior 301 - 4

The CADs previously seen of the trailer vehicles are now ready for approval, once the driving cabs are approved the model will move to tooling.

Revolution Trains will be at The N Gauge International Show at Leamington Spa this September – and we plan to have prototyped samples on show.  Come and ask us more about our projects.