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Pendolino proximity…

The Pendolinos are getting close… these are the latest shots we have been sent by Rapido showing progress on painting, lettering and assembling the Revolution Trains/Rapido Class 390 Pendolino models.

As the colours and lettering go on the models really come to life, though of course this driving car still needs cantrail stripe, number window glazing, lights and wipers adding!


The interiors are not being forgotten of course, the image below shows those for Coach C, the shop car.


To make it easier for customers to couple up their models correctly each car will be clearly labelled on the underside.


Of all the images sent, perhaps this gives the best sense of the sheer scale of this project.  This tray contains around 350 bogies, and in all the factory has to make, paint and assemble bogies for 11,000 vehicles-  which equates to another 61 trayfuls like this!!  Incredible!!

Rapido’s attention to detail is stunning.  Even the pantograph bases are being separately painted, correctly, in Virgin red.

And as well as the numerous warning labels on each end, the pipework is being painted too.

The Revolution order book has closed for the Pendolinos now, however the models can still be pre-ordered from our partner retailers C&M Models, Collett’s Models and Kernow.



It’s summer holiday season, and we are taking a short break, so if you have emailed Revolution in the last few days please allow two weeks for a reply.  We aren’t ignoring you – just taking a breather!