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Pendolino order processing and lightbar issue

The first batch of Pendolinos have arrived and we have started to despatch orders to customers – if you have a balance to pay you should have a balance invoice in your email or if not in your account on our website.

Please note when you pay a balance invoice the website automatically updates the deposit part of your order to “Complete” and sends you an email saying your order has been despatched – this is an automatic software bug that we can’t change. Your order is actually despatched when we mark the balance part of the order as “Complete” ie despatched.

The first batch covers most liveries except Avanti (11-car only) and the Virgin Pride sets (which still need a bit more work and will come in a second batch). Please note that we won’t send out balance invoices for those two sets at this time.

If you need to change your delivery address please update the shipping address in your account but also please send us an email if you changed it since 22 June (otherwise your order might not get updated in time). Thanks!

If you missed out on our pre-orders some of our retailers still have sets available to pre-order (they should receive their allocations next week).  We might have a few spare sets but these won’t become available until all our pre-orders are sent out.

Pendolino lightbars unsprung!

Unfortunately, during final QC checks it has become clear that the factory inadvertently omitted to fit lighting pick-up connector springs to the trailer cars in some sets. The springs carry power from the bogie pick-ups to the light-bars, which will not work without them. The images below show the location of the springs – they are missing in this car.

This is how they should look with the springs in place.

We apologise for this problem and we will be in contact with all customers that we have already sent lightbars to. This issue only affects customers wishing to fit light bars, however if you have received your model or models with lightbars and discover the springs are missing Rapido Trains UK will provide them free of charge here:

New lightbar sets have been ordered and will include springs to ensure missing springs are not an issue.

Please note these springs are only required if fitting lightbars and do not impact the operation of the Pendolino in any other way.  Customers not requiring lightbars do not need to worry.