Pendolino specifications

We are working to the following specifications:

  • low friction drive
  • directional and interior lighting
  • DCC socket (the unit will be available either as DC or DCC sound-fitted, DCC users who do not want sound can fit their preferred decoder)
  • DCC sound factory fitted in both power cars will be available for an additional £95 per set with sounds from Legomanbiffo – there will be two DCC decoders with two speakers (one in each driving car)
  • internal close coupling
  • smoked but separate glazing
  • different number sets available for multiple purchases
  • removable front panel for prototypical “drags” over non-electrified lines

We investigated a tilt mechanism, however we decided that it was inappropriate as the Pendolino only tilts when activated by lineside sensors.

9 and 11 car units

The Pendolinos are currently a mixture of 9-car class 390/0s and 11-car class 390/1s. A full length 9-car set is 217.4m which scales down to 1.47m and an 11-car unit is 265m which scales to 1.79m – these are scale lengths.

From the first complete sample we have measured the set lengths as follows:

9-car set 1475mm

11-car set 1810mm

5-car “short” sets

We recognise that not everyone will have the space (or finance) to go for a full 9- or 11-car set (the 5-car set is 830mm).

2-car add-on set

2 extra coaches were used to strengthen the 9-car sets to 11-cars – these were dragged around the network behind a variety of Colas locos (47, 56, 66 and 86) and could prove an interesting short train for many modellers.