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PEP talk from Revolution!

Revolution Trains is planning to offer the Class 313 and 314 “Pep” units as our next N gauge electric multiple unit.

313201 was recently repainted by owners Beacon Rail into BR blue grey livery, albeit with all-grey doors to comply with modern impaired visibility legislation

With the delivery of the first sample of our long-awaited Class 321 unit (see separate news item) we feel ready to confirm plans to offer our third EMU in N.

The PEP (Prototype Electro Penumatic) units were based on designs developed in the early 1970s for a new type of commuter train.  Compared to existing Mk1 derived stock there was significantly fewer seats, leading to a Member of Parliament to describe them as “Pack ‘Em Perpendicular.” 

The main fleet built between 1976 and 1981 comprised Classes 313 (Great Northern), 314 (Scottish region), 315 (Great Eastern), 507 (Merseyside) and 508 (Southern, then Merseyside) units.

They introduced innovative features such as mulit-function Tightlock couplers (eliminating the need for untidy and laborious end air and power connections) and sliding doors, and were the first British units to incorporate both pantograph and third rail pick ups.

They are currently the oldest units in service on the mainland, with some now 43 years old. Many are currently owned by Beacon Rail, and we would like to thank them for their support and assistance with this project.

In recognition of the historic importance of the type, 313201 will, on withdrawal, join the national collection at the National Railway Museum.

Revolution is initially proposing both Classes 313 and 314.  The models will feature our usual refinements including directional lighting, power transfer couplers and a low profile drive so the motor is not visible.  DC and DCC sound versions will be offered.

Possible liveries include BR Blue Grey, Network South East, Silverlink, First and Southern and Network Rail yellow however following our experience with the 321 we know that offering too much choice will hamper, not help, the project.

After discussions with customers at TINGS this weekend, and among ourselves, we will select the initial livery options for we open the order book.

As ever, the sooner we receive orders, the sooner we can progress the models through CAD to tooling and then production.