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PFA-bulous coal and nuclear waste container wagons

Revolution Trains has received samples of its forthcoming PFA container wagons with open-top coal or half-height nuclear fuel containers.

The models feature a diecast chassis to give enough weight, even when running empty, and lots of separately fitted details.

The wagons were built in 1986 to carry containerised coal from collieries in the UK to Ireland, with the coal tranported in bright yellow “Cawoods” liveried open-top containers. In the mid-1990s the operation was taken on by British Fuels, and the containers repainted red.

56132 with Cawoods containers in 1989. Photo courtesy Mick Page
66208 with British Fuels and CPL containers in 2002. Photo courtesy Neil Harvey

In the 2000s several of the wagons were acquired by DRS and used to convey low level waste or as runners for other flask wagons. The coal containers had been designed for the wagons, and had cut-outs on the underside to clear the wheel flanges, however because the DRS containers did not have these the wagons were fitted with ISO-compatible frames to ensure the containers were clear of the wheels. Our models will replicate this feature with a removable photo-etched part.

DRS PFA seen in 2013 in use as a barrier wagon between the locomotive and a FNA flask carrier. Photo courtesy Ray Forster.

Once these models have been tested then decorated approval samples will be prepared, and the models will go into production. We are expecting to close the order book early in 2021, with the models likely to be shipped in summer 2021. Order now to take advantage of our low pre-production price.