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Primary Colours: Red, Green, Blue Ecofrets!

Revolution Trains has received decorated samples of all three main versions of its forthcoming 00 gauge FWA ‘Ecofret’ container wagons in red, green and blue.

Ecofrets Assemble!

There are now 232 FWA ‘Ecofret’ units in use with three operators: DB, Freightliner and GBRf and more are on order. Revolution is offering versions to suit all three operators, and the wagons have been designed to work with C-rail 40′ and 20′ containers.

Red (DB) and green (Freightliner) FWAs loaded with C-rail 20′ and 40′ hi cube containers.
Freightliner FWA twin set
FWA green twin set at Coatbridge Freightliner terminal. Photo courtesy Tom Smith.

The FWA was designed by VTG as a response to changing patterns in sea shipping and the dominance of the 40′ container. Traditional intermodal flats have 60′ decks; ideal for one 40′ container and one 20′ container (or three 20′ containers) but inefficient if there aren’t enough 20′ containers to fill the gaps. The shorter Ecofret – with its 40′ deck – means more containers per train and no wasted space, increasing the number of 40′ containers carried in a typical 512m train by more than 40%.

As well as being wasteful, the empty 20′ spaces on 60′ container flats cause turbulence, which increases drag and fuel consumption, hence VTG’s decision to name the FWA ‘Ecofret’ to emphasise its green credentials.

FWA in VTG green with C-Rail 40′ hi-cube and standard height containers
FWA Ecofrets are widely used

While Freightliner operate the Ecofret in twin sets, DB and GBRf use triple sets. The centre car is slightly different to the outers and can carry either two 20′ or one 40′ container, with rotating centre spigots. This feature has been replicated on the Revolution Trains model.

GBRf Ecofret triple set at Huntingdon loaded with 2 x 40′ and 2 x 20′ containers.

As well as high levels of detail on the underframe, the bogies feature separately fitted torsion bars and prototypically accurate printing on the top corner of the bogie frame – we believe this is a first for an 00 model.

The Revolution Trains FWA Ecofrets are still available for pre-order, but we will be closing the order book soon to commence production.