20′ gypsum containers

N gauge model of 20′ gypsum containers.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


A triple pack of N gauge 20′ gypsum containers. There are two styles of container as shown. Each triple pack will contain an appropriate variation of container styles and small livery variations (each container number will be different).

The 20′ gypsum containers were seen on our forthcoming PFAs, but were more commonly used on bogie container flats such as our KFAs (and some other container flats eg FEAs).

Please note that these gypsum containers are designed to match the real containers in that they have holes in the bottom corners of the containers to match our PFAs rather than the normal N gauge style of having small locating pips on each corner of the container. Attaching the containers to container flats without prototypical mounting spigots will require a small amount of non-permanent adhesive eg double sided sticky tape.

Delivery is expected with our forthcoming PFA wagons (Q1/2 2022 – an up to date estimate is available here).

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