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An N gauge model of a Class 59/1 in ARC mustard livery – choice of numbers

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An N gauge (1:148) model of the 59/1 as operated by ARC.  Following the successful introduction of the 59/0s by Foster Yeoman, ARC Southern ordered 4 class 59s which arrived in late 1990.  Although the basics were the same as the 59/0 there were numerous detail differences some of which had already been incorporated in 59005, namely around a new lighting arrangement, different location for the NRN pods and very soon after entry into service an additional yaw damper for greater stability at higher speed.

The 59/1s were introduced in ARC’s mustard and grey livery and we offer two numbers in this livery. The 59/1s entered service in late 1990 in this livery and it remained on the 59/1s for over a decade (59104 lasted in ARC livery until 2000).

The 59/1s (like all the 59s) have a large number of detail variations which we have faithfully captured in our model:

  • NRN roof pods in dedicated recesses behind cab at one end and behind grille at other end.
  • Revised chassis details with sub-class specific lashing loop positions.
  • Revised yaw damper arrangement

Our 59s share the following common features:

  • Next generation heavy, diecast chassis with smooth running, low friction and low geared design (estimated weight 105+g)
  • Highly detailed injection moulded body with photo-etched and wire details and separate plastic parts
  • Lift off, easy-access central body section (as per the prototype!) to allow access to the decoder socket and switches
  • Prototype body detail variations eg headlight differences, NRN pod locations, cab handrail recesses, cab door handles, roof hatches, exhausts,  and accurate chassis variation including variations in cooler pipes, lashing loops and fire extinguishers
  • Separate (not solid) angled struts connecting body to chassis to allow distinctive see-through appearance of prototype
  • Buffer beam detailing: one end super-detailed with solid air dam, air pipes and cosmetic coupler all fitted. Alternative solid air dam supplied for coupler end, and open air dam for those wishing to couple at both ends
  • Etched name plates
  • Working accurate headlights including working marker lights. Lights switchable using easy to access microswitches or with DCC
  • Next 18 NEM 652 socket  New and improved Next 28 (ESU E24) decoder socket (see our article for more details) and factory fitted speaker for easy sound fitting
  • Fine wheels to NMRA RP25 standards
  • Body-mounted, kinematic close couplers with NEM coupler sockets

Please note the livery representation is not the final livery diagram and may not show all CAD variations.

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59102 Village of Chantry, 59104 Village of Great Elm

DC/DCC sound

DC/DCC ready, DCC sound