Balance payment: 9-car class 390 Pendolino, DCC sound only


A complete Pendolino 9-car set

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Please only use this to pay off the balance on your existing order. It is really important that you follow the instructions for paying off your balance – if you don’t then it will create more work for you (and us!) and it will delay your order.

Login to your account, and check exactly what you ordered.

If you did not pay for shipping with your deposit then you must add shipping to your order – we will not ship your order if you have not paid for shipping.

If you would like to add lightbars to your Pendolino then you can do so by adding the relevant accessories from here.

Please pick your set name/number from the dropdown box.

In the notes section of your order to pay your balance please include your order number for your deposit so that we can match the two orders together.

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Name and set number?

390001 Virgin Pioneer, 390005 City of Wolverhampton, 390006 Tate Liverpool, 390045 101 Squadron