Caroline 975025 inspection saloon (N/2mm)


N gauge/2mm scale model of the Caroline 975025 inspection saloon.


Revolution Trains is offering 975025 Caroline inspection saloon.  The model will feature:

  • accurate headcode details and lighting for the livery variations
  • RP25 wheels
  • kinematic couplers
  • a highly detailed interior
  • directional (where appropriate) lighting including for the interior

We are offering 3 versions with appropriate detail differences:

  • Version 1 – BR Blue Grey with small totem as built 1969-1984
  • Version 2 – BR Network Southeast 1991-2003
  • Version 3 – Network Rail SR Brunswick Green 2015-present

Revolution would like to thank LORAM and Network Rail for their kind help and assistance in developing this model.

As an additional bonus, those who order the N gauge Caroline/975025 before 11 September 2020 will be entered into a free draw to join us on a free and exclusive “Sweet Caroline” railtour. 

The Revolution Trains Sweet Caroline railtour will travel from Derby on a circular route taking in the WCML via Crewe and Stockport before heading across to the Peak Peak District and reaching the Midland Mainline before returning.  The exact route and date is yet to be finalised and will of course depend on the relaxing of social distancing rules.  Those on board will be able to enjoy the saloon facilities and food will be provided.  Traction is expected to be a DRS Class 37.*

The handful of guests will be chosen in a draw held during a Revolution Trains Facebook Live event in mid-September.

Delivery expected Q1-2 2021. Please follow our shop instructions and do not place an order for different product ranges on the same order – it makes tracking what has been sent and when much more difficult for both you and us. Thanks!

* Terms & Conditions will apply.

(CAD may represent the OO model)

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Blue/grey, Network SouthEast (NSE), Network Rail Brunswick Green