Cartic-4 car carrier – STVA light grey (mesh screens) (OO/4mm)


OO gauge Cartic-4 car carrier quad set in STVA light grey livery with mesh side screens (era 9)

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The iconic 4-car articulated Cartic-4 car carriers were built between 1966 and 1972 and lasted until the mid-2000s.  The Cartic-4 car carriers were developed jointly by BR and Ford and adopted a radical design at the time for freight stock – comprising a permanently coupled four-part vehicle in which the inner cars were linked via shared bogies on articulated joints.  The majority were built for private vehicle transporters MAT, Silcock & Collings and Tolemans, however some were also built by BR and used to launch its Motorail brand in 1966. Later in life STVA repainted some Cartic-4 sets into their light grey livery which ran for a period in mixed rakes with the IPA car carriers (which Revolution produced previously).

Our model will feature:

  • quad set of Cartic-4 wagons (each individually numbered and with prototypical livery variations) in STVA light grey livery with additional mesh side screens – suitable for era 9
  • NMRA RP25 wheelsets on 26mm axles
  • NEM close couplers with kinematic coupler sockets at ends of sets (articulated bogies between inner vehicles)
  • choice of set numbers (each quad set will feature different numbers)

Please note that you are pre-ordering a model which is in development and will be delivered in the future (in return for a discounted price). Graphics are representative of the livery/version and not livery diagrams.

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