Cartic-4 car carrier – STVA light grey (mesh screens)


N gauge Cartic-4 car carrier quad set in STVA light grey with mesh side screens (era 9)

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The iconic 4-car articulated Cartic-4 car carriers were built between 1966 and 1972 and lasted until the mid-2000s.  The Cartic-4 car carriers were developed jointly by BR and Ford and adopted a radical design at the time for freight stock – comprising a permanently coupled four-part vehicle in which the inner cars were linked via shared bogies on articulated joints.  The majority were built for private vehicle transporters MAT, Silcock & Collings and Tolemans, however some were also built by BR and used to launch its Motorail brand in 1966. This offered motorists the opportunity to take their car on holiday with them, with an extensive network of services between cities including London, Birmingham and Sheffield and Scotland, the South West and North Wales.

Our model will feature:

  • quad pack of Cartic-4 wagons (each individually numbered and with prototypical livery variations) in STVA light grey livery with additional mesh side screens – suitable for era 9
  • NMRA RP25 wheelsets on 12.25mm axles
  • NEM close couplers with kinematic coupler sockets
  • choice of set numbers (each quad set will feature different numbers)
  • each quad set measures 420mm over buffers

Please note that you are pre-ordering a model which is in development and will be delivered in the future (in return for a discounted price). Graphics are representative of the livery/version and not livery diagrams.


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