Class 128 parcels unit

An N gauge / 2mm scale model of the class 128 parcels unit.

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Ten class 128 parcels units were built in 1959 by British Rail in two batches – four for the Midland Region and six for the Western Region. In use the 128s ranged far and wide and had numerous liveries from green, through to BR blue and eventually ending up in Royal Mail red. The class 128s were finally withdrawn in mid-1990.

Our model features our usual features:

– detail variations appropriate for each version

– a smooth-running chassis

– an easily accessible Next 18 DCC decoder socket

– directional lighting with appropriate style for each version

– space for easy DCC sound fitting (please note that we are not offering factory fitted DCC sound options for the 128)

The main “spotting” notes between the versions are that the 4 Midland Region 128s were built without a corridor connection and had a centre headcode box, whereas the Western Region 128s were all built with corridors (though many were later removed) and split headcode boxes. Other variations were plated or removed headcode boxes, marker lights, sandboxes on bogies, 3 different types of buffer (clipped, oval or round) and a variety of exhaust types. Our tooling covers all variations, though we can’t offer every variation in each production run!

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Green with speed whiskers M55987, Blue M55990, Green with single speed whiskers W55994, Blue with full yellow ends W55991, RM red with corridor 55992, RM red no corridor 55993