GBRf 66/7 – bespoke (except for 701-707)


GBRf liveried Class 66/7 in a number of your choice – variety of detail combinations

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GBRf liveried Class 66/7 in a number of your choice – variety of detail combinations.

We are working in partnership with Rainbow Railways to offer variations of our standard base liveries and tooling variations.

Revolution Bespoke allows customers to pick from a list of number/livery detail variations the specific loco number that you want.  The list of available variations all represent real combinations of livery and details (we have been through a lot of research to enable this!). The base livery will be factory finished, but the final touches eg the side numbers and changes to logos or additional logos will be printed by Rainbow Railways along with any finishing touches eg etched nameplates.  The Revolution Bespoke models will finished by Rainbow Railways once the models arrive so will arrive with customers later than the standard versions to allow time for customisation. Please note that once production has started we can’t cancel or change your loco as these will be bespoke models produced to order (statutory rights still apply). We reserve the right to withdraw a variation if the specific livery element can not be printed to an acceptable standard.

Variations of 66/7 available are:

  • GBRf Europorte as delivered
  • GBRf Europorte livery with small GB Railfreight branding (replaced Europorte-style GBRf branding from 2016)
  • GBRf Europorte livery with Pride GBRf branding (66773 only)
  • GBRf “standard” livery on ex-Cargonet/Rush Rail loco( 66798 only)

Please note that 66701-707 variations are listed separately.

Our model of a 66/7 is from the final batch of 66s built at Muncie and features a recess in the cab ends and larger sandboxes as per the prototype.  The one exception is 66798 which is an ex-Rush Rail loco with a Euro horn grille, BMAC2 lights, rectangular buffers and duplicate air pipes. (Some images of the engineering prototype may not show the correct details).

All our models have the following common features:

  • Next generation heavy, diecast chassis with smooth running, low friction and low geared design (weight 100g+)
  • Highly detailed injection moulded body with photo-etched and wire details and separate plastic parts
  • Lift off, easy-access central body section (as per the prototype!) to allow access to the decoder socket and switches
  • Prototype body detail variations eg bodyshells, bogies, underframes, headlights, handrails, cab windows, buffers, tie-down loops, lights, sandboxes and couplers
  • Etched nameplates supplied (where appropriate)
  • Buffer beam detailing: one end super-detailed with solid air dam, air pipes and cosmetic coupler all fitted. Alternative solid air dam supplied for coupler end, and open air dam for those wishing to couple at both ends
  • Working accurate headlights including working marker lights. Lights switchable using easy to access microswitches or with DCC
  • Next 28 (ESU E24) decoder socket (see our Class 59 video for more details) and factory fitted speaker for easy sound fitting
  • Fine wheels to NMRA RP25 standards
  • Body-mounted, kinematic close couplers with NEM coupler sockets

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Livery variation

GBRf Europorte livery, GBRf Europorte livery with Pride GBRf branding, GBRf Europorte livery with small GB Railfreight branding, GBRf standard livery


66753 EMD Roberts Road, 66754 Northampton Saints, 66755, 66755 Tony Berkeley OBE RFG Chairman 1997 – 2018, 66756, 66756 Royal Corps of Signals, 66757 West Somerset Railway, 66758, 66758 The Pavior, 66759 Chippy, 66760, 66760 David Gordon Harris, 66761 Wensleydale Railway Association – 25 Years 1990-2015, 66762, 66763, 66763 Severn Valley Railway, 66764, 66764 Major John Poyntz – Explorer and Railwayman, 66765, 66765 Julie Garn, 66766, 66766 Gail Richardson, 66767, 66767 King's Cross PSB 1971 – 2021, 66768, 66769, 66770, 66771, 66771 Amanda, 66772, 66772 Maria, 66773, 66773 Pride of GB Railfreight, 66774, 66776, 66776 Joanne, 66777, 66777 Annette, 66778, 66778 Cambois Depot 25 years, 66778 Darius Cheskin, 66798

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