4mm/OO IPA car carriers – quad-wagon sets


Quad-wagon set of 4 IPA covered car carrier flats.


The IPA car carriers were originally converted as twin-wagon sets in France in the 1980s (though they are based on much older wagon frames) and used by STVA and Groupe CAT on car traffic. The covered wagons were introduced around 2005 and many of them were converted from covered pairs to covered quad-wagon sets.

Our IPA car carriers are being offered in OO gauge (1:76.2 scale).  The models will feature:

  • injection-moulded plastic bodies,
  • separately fitted detail parts appropriate for each variant,
  • kinematic NEM couplers on the outer ends and an inner coupler ensuring the wagons are a scale distance apart

As well as the IPA car carrier quad sets, we are also offering three detail variants representing the twin-wagon sets:

  • the original flat wagons,
  • the flat wagons with stakes and
  • the flat wagons with roof and side covers (introduced around 2005).

These models have limited stock – the website stock quantities are live and once they are gone then they’re gone!

Additional information


STVA red, STVA light grey, Groupe CAT blue

Wagon pack?

Quad pack A, Quad pack B