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PCA alumina tank (British Aluminium / Alcan) N/2mm

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Pack of 4 alumina PCA tank wagons (N/2mm gauge/scale)

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43 PCA (PC020A) powder tanks were built by Powell Duffryn in 1988 for alumina traffic between North Blyth and Fort William on the West Highland line.  The Alcan PCAs have always been painted in a plain grey livery originally with blue ‘Alcan’ branding, by the mid 2000s the Alcan logos had faded and resembled dusty grey triangles, and the end ladders were removed. Alcan was amalgamated into Rio Tinto Alcan in 2008, and while the basic livery remained the same new red RioTintoAlcan branding was introduced. In 2016 the operations were taken over by GFG Alliance and the wagons were progressively relabelled in Lochaber Power/Liberty and more recently with Alvance branding. Revolution is offering versions of all the branding variations.

The wagons feature four top loading hatches, a full length catwalk and access ladders on each side.  The ladders were removed around 2005-2007 and versions with and without ladders, with appropriate liveries, will be offered. In addition some wagons have had the plate on the discharge chute removed, and this will be supplied as a customer fit part to allow both options.

The models feature:

  • NEM coupling pockets
  • RP25 wheel sets
  • optional ladders (fitted for appropriate versions – Alcan and debranded Alcan liveries have ladders fitted)
  • optional discharge chute plate
  • high levels of detailing with numerous separately fitted plastic and photo-etched parts

All the models will be supplied in packs of 4 wagons to enable modellers to recreate prototypical rakes of 12 – 20+ wagons.  Each wagon in each pack will be individually numbered.

Please note that you are preordering a model which is in development for delivery in Q1/Q2 2025.

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Branding version?

Alcan, Debranded Alcan, RioTintoAlcan, Lochaber/Liberty, Alvance


Alcan – pack A, Alcan – pack B, Alcan – pack C, Debranded Alcan – pack E, RioTintoAlcan – pack H, Lochaber/Liberty – pack K, Lochaber/Liberty – pack L, Alvance – pack N, Alvance – pack P