TEA bogie fuel tank wagon (4mm/OO)


A 4mm/OO gauge model of a modern TEA fuel tank wagon.

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A 4mm/OO gauge model of a modern TEA fuel tank wagon produced with the full co-operation of their owners VTG, along with operators Greenergy and DB Schenker. We are also offering the attractive Freightliner livery, though Freightliner’s wagons are now owned by VTG. Our models of the wagons in EWS livery are slightly more expensive to cover DBS’s licensing fees.

The model will be produced for us by Rapido and will feature NEM couplers, etched metal detail parts and prototypical detail variations.

CAD design is currently underway and we expect tooling and production to take 9-12 months based on our N gauge model of the same wagon. Please note that you are pre-ordering a product that is currently under development and production – we will only produce what is pre-ordered in advance of the final deadline for orders.

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Single wagon, Triple pack


VTG red, VTG grey, VTG blue, VTG enviro-message blue, Freightliner green, EWS Grey, Greenergy blue/green