YQA Parr engineers wagon (OO/4mm)


A twin pack of OO gauge models of YQA Parr engineers wagons.


A OO gauge (1:76.2) model (twin pack) of BR’s YQA(/YMA) Parr engineers wagons.  The YQA Parr were originally built in 1959-61 as Borails. In 1981-2 150 of the 165 Borails were converted to Borail BRAs with new Y25 bogies, air brakes, new bolsters (6 instead of 5) and a low body added on top of the original deck – these were moved into Departmental use in the mid-1980s and may remain in use today.  During the mid-1980s some of the Mullets were converted in YQA (originally YMA) Parrs.  Many of the Parrs had additional ratchet straps added and this is modelled on our wagons.

The YQAs have flat decks with a pair of longitudinal beams on the deck and fold over flaps at the ends of the deck.

Our model will feature:

  • twin pack of wagons (each individually numbered and with prototypical livery variations)
  • accurate details of bogie type, brake gear/brake wheels and buffer differences
  • highly detailed plastic body with diecast body/underframe
  • NMRA RP25.110 wheelsets on 26mm axles
  • NEM couplers with dummy screwlink couplers

Please note that you are pre-ordering a model which is in development and will be delivered in the future (in return for a discounted price).

Prototype pictures courtesy of Paul Bartlett and Mike Cubberley (with great thanks!)

Diagrams may show N gauge versions

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Departmental yellow, Mainline