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Production delay

Rapido Trains have just informed us that some of our projects will be delayed by month or two due to problems with airborne dust being generated by a ceramics  plant near their factory.

Production has now resumed, but this unexpected turn of events has delayed some of Rapido’s own projects, and Revolution’s own Pendolino in N and 00 TEAs.

In their newsletter published this weekend Rapido say:

You may have noticed that our factories (plural) have been a bit slow on deliveries lately. We certainly have. The LRC factory is still finding its feet and the Rapido factory moved to a new and improved location. The old location was near a bunch of ceramics factories so the air was quite dusty, requiring us to redo a lot of shells that got dust in the paint. The new location is in a much cleaner part of Dongguan and should save us a lot of time in the long run.

This has put us a bit behind schedule, but we’re working overtime at both factories to catch up.

Rapido have apologised to us, and we are sorry too, but unfortunately there seems to be little anyone could have done to prevent this.

If you are coming to the International N Gauge Show on September 9th and 10th this year please come and see us on stand 16 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

This delay only affects models currently in production with Rapido and will have no impact on our KFA container flats, Class 92 locomotives or Class B tanks.