Cargowaggon twins IZA

Prototype – Cargowaggon twins (IZA)

The Cargowaggon twins were built by Duewag of Germany for Cargowaggon in 1986, and the vast majority remain in service. 100 twin sets coded IZA under TOPS, under the continental UIC system they were initially designated Habbfis, though this was later changed to Hfirrs 3.  Their success led to further builds of 50 pairs each in 1989 and 1991.

Photo courtesy Paul Bartlett

When introduced they were used on the Dover-Calais train ferries and they are certified for Channel Tunnel use.  The primary traffic for these wagons from the continent is mineral water, however they are or have been used to transport a wide variety of goods within Britain including bagged clay, newsprint, whisky, beer, cider, pet-food and metal.

They have been recorded across the network, from Cornwall to the north of Scotland, from Kent to South Wales, from East Anglia to the Midlands and North West, and to the south of France, the Netherlands and Germany.

Photo courtesy Andrew Chambers

They can be seen both in block trains, or in smaller cuts in Enterprise (formerly Connectrail) wagonload trains, as well as MOD services.

Photo courtesy Andy Vass

They were built in permanently coupled pairs to take advantage of European grants available at the time aimed at encouraging the use of wagons with 4 axles.  The brake gear is such that the they cannot operate separately; if one derails then the pair must be taken out of service.

Photo courtesy Mick Page

N/2mm model

Our model will feature expected levels of fidelity and detail, with:

  • injection-moulded plastic bodies,
  • separately fitted detail parts and handrails,
  • kinematic NEM couplers on the outer ends and an inner coupler ensuring the wagons are a scale distance apart

We are also offering one pack with a factory fitted, battery powered flashing tail lamp at one end, for additional authenticity and realism (revised livery single pack only).

Cargowaggon original livery: single twin set or triple pack of 3 twin sets

Cargowaggon “Perrier” livery: single twin set (2380 2794 004-4)

Cargowaggon revised livery: single twin set or triple pack

Cargowaggon revised livery with flashing tail lamp

We have had numerous emails asking us about whether we would offer these wagons in 00 and they are in development as an exclusive model for Kernow Model Centre..