Expressions of interest

We use expressions of interest as a tool to determine if there is sufficient interest in a particular model or particular liveries for projects that we are unsure about or when we need more information. The experience that we’ve gained since starting in 2014 means that we have a reasonable idea of which models will be feasible to produce but occasionally we prefer to double-check that our views are correct by asking our customers!

That means that most projects won’t have an expressions of interest stage but will progress straight to research and design.

Expressions of interest – open:

APT-E in N gauge: we have sufficient interest to develop the APT-E but going forward to development and production is not solely our decision as it relies on several other partners. Our expressions of interest form will remain open until a final decision is made on whether we can start development or not.

Expressions of interest – closed:

975025 ‘Caroline’ inspection saloon in N: we have sufficient interest in this project and the order book is open.

Class 89 in N: we are discussing how best to take this forward with our partners in this project.