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Reflections on Glasgow…


It’s been a long and fairly tiring but very enjoyable weekend at the SECC in Glasgow, test running the first running sample of the Pendolino.


A huge thank-you to those at the show who asked to see the Pendolino.  The response was very encouraging.


And particular thanks to (left to right) Helen, Duncan and John, as well as Arran, Tom, Gus, Frank and the rest of our friends on the East Neuk MRC’s Law Junction layout who were kind enough to give the sample a thorough run out in exhibition conditions all weekend.


The model was right at home on Law Junction, as the prototypes speed through the real location on a daily basis.

IMG_2353 IMG_2352

The consensus seemed to be that the model looks right from all directions.  This was a handpainted sample, to check that the main colour boundaries fall in the correct position, and does not feature the cantrail stripes, numbers, class markings and other fine details that the factory painted models will incorporate.  The glazing will also be tinted.

Further intensive running over the weekend revealed no significant issues to the motors or bogies and the couplers performed well, though one part will be strengthened to make it more robust for production.

We are now preparing a detailed feedback and suggestion report to send back to Rapido.  Once we have seen and tested a second sample, with the refinements and improvements incorporated, we will be ready to authorise production.