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Revised CADs for Twins – let there be lights!

Revolution has received revised CADs for the forthcoming IZA Cargowaggon twin vans, and now the version with flashing tail lamp has also been included.

The main correction was adding the distinctive holes in the angled frames on each end, and this has been done too.  Also, the models now correctly have the parking brake wheel on one of the pair only.

Other minor corrections include the addition of the small corner footstep and grab handles below the buffers, as well as an improved centre coupler.


But the main event is that the model now has provision for the working flashing tail lamp option.

The lamp is a plastic moulding, while the lens protrudes from inside the wagon where the PCB with battery holder, LED and flashing control circuits is placed.

Both standard versions and flashing tail lamp versions can be reserved and as ever we will only produce enough models to supply those who order before the deadline.