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Revolution Bespoke – how does it work?

As you may be aware with the launch of our forthcoming N gauge Class 66 we also announced a new option to allow customers to tailor their models – Revolution Bespoke. Working with our friends at Rainbow Railways we can take factory finished bodyshells and apply individually-tailored livery details (numbers, additional branding or livery elements and nameplates) onto our base liveries.

So far we have offered the following Class 66 sub-classes for bespoke livery application:

  • Colas 66/8 (early bird ended)
  • DRS or GBRf 66/3 (early bird ends 29/02/2024)
  • DRS or GBRf 66/4 (early bird ends 29/02/2024)
  • GBRf ‘original’ livery 66/7 (early bird ended)
  • DB 66/0 (early bird ends 08/03/2024)
  • Freightliner Genesee & Wyoming orange – there will be no bespoke option for as 66623 is currently the only Freightliner 66 in that livery with those lights and body details.
  • Remaining GBRf 66/7s – Europorte variations and “standard” GBRf livery variant (66798 only) (early bird ends 12/03/2024)
  • Freightliner green 66/5s and 66/6s (early bird ends 20/03/2024)

The final batch to upload are the EWS 66s. We have been through thousands of images of 66s to match the livery variations with the body shell details that we’re offering in our first run of 66s (so that you don’t have to!). Having said which we’re sure that we will have missed some combinations – if you find a version that you would like and that we’re not offering please let us know and if we have the correct combination of details we will add it.

Early bird pricing

As we’re releasing the bespoke options in a rolling programme we guarantee that there will be at least 4 weeks of early-bird pricing for each version – starting from when the bespoke option is published and ending as noted above. We will update the list above as we publish new livery options.

How to order?

Revolution Bespoke will only be available direct from Revolution (standard range items are available to all our retailers). Use the dropdowns on the relevant model page to select the livery variation, number and DC/DCC ready or DCC sound (plus in some cases named or un-named) – once you select all the options the image will update to the relevant livery variation so that you can see what you will get.

Please note that once production has started we can’t cancel or change your loco as these will be bespoke models produced to order (statutory rights still apply).

How it works?

The list of available variations all represent real combinations of livery and details (we have been through a lot of research to enable this!). The base livery will be factory finished, but the final touches eg the side numbers and changes to logos or additional logos will be printed by Rainbow Railways along with any finishing touches eg etched nameplates.  

When will I receive my model?

The Revolution Bespoke models will finished by Rainbow Railways once the models arrive so will arrive with customers later than the standard versions to allow time for customisation. We are aiming to start production of the 66s in April 2024 with the models currently due to arrive late-Summer-Autumn 2024.