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Revolution Class 92 sample arrives with a roar!

Revolution Trains has received the first EP sample of the forthcoming Class 92 locomotive in N.  The model is being produced by Rapido Trains, who’ve done a sensational job in an amazingly short time.

Frustratingly the model could not get here in time for this weekend’s DEMU Showcase event that we attended, and did suffer some very slight damage in transit- hence the wonky buffer.

The next step is to assess the tooling and discuss with Gareth Bayer, the designer at Rapido, whether any modifications are required, though first impressions are very good.

The pantograph well is beautifully detailed, and the side enclosure panels are separate parts to create the accurate “undercut” of the prototype.

As well as the finished model, we received several sets of parts to allow us to assess them individually. This gives a good idea of the sophistication of the model.  For duplicate parts like the pantograph, windscreens and bogies we have shown one set only for simplicity.  From the top there are the pantograph components, the fine roof electrical conduits, separate ventilator pipes, pantograph well enclosure panels, front end air dam, detailing, buffers, main body. cab interior, cab glazing, etched windscreen wipers, front handrail, upper chassis + parts, chassis weight, lower chassis with underframe, driveshaft with universal joint to worm, coupler, NEM socket, bogie, brake parts and footsteps.

The bogies have separately fitted sandbox covers at each end and are supplied with mouldings representing the conductor shoes in both raised and lowered positions.

The next step is to test the motor and drive mechanism, and double check the fit of all the parts and the accuracy.  Rapido in Canada have their own sample too and will be carrying out similar tests using all their experience so we can pool notes and deliver the best model possible.

The model is still available to order though once we are happy and sign it off for production we will be closing the order book, and are hopeful that the models will be ready for delivery by early 2018.