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Revolution delivers – thanks to the wisdom of crowds.

Today, thanks to everyone who supported us, Revolution Trains was able to make a little bit of model railway history.

Our TEA tankers started dropping through letterboxes – or rather, arriving in signed-for parcels with Royal Mail – and in doing so became the first crowd-funded RTR models to be delivered to the UK market.

We packed - now you unwrap
We packed – now you unwrap


Announced in March last year, these models have taken just over a year and a half to go from dream to reality and we could not have done it without all the supporters who looked carefully at our plans, assessed our credibility and then took the huge step to trust us with their money.

Lined up and ready to ship

We would also like to thank Rapido Trains for all their hard work, often going beyond the call of duty to deliver stunning models with prototypical detail differences around catwalks, discharge chutes and brake gear.

From prototypes to packaging, they have not skimped or spared any effort to make these models as good as they could be.

Each triple pack has its own distinctive sleeve.


In the future there will undoubtedly be more crowdfunded models – from us and perhaps from others – but there will never be another first. So if you’re in for some of these TEAs just enjoy that thought!