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Revolution goes green with Eco-fret…

With delivery of our KFA intermodal wagons imminent Revolution is ready to offer our next container flat – the new and innovative VTG FWA “Ecofret” in twin and triple format.

Outer and centre vehicle

These wagons are shorter than traditional container flats, meaning that in a market dominated by 40’ containers they can carry a greater load per train length. 

VTG Ecofret in service with GBRf at Peterborough

This video produced by VTG explains the concept:

Currently in service with DB Cargo, Freightliner and GBRf the wagons can be seen in DB red, Freightliner green, GBRf blue and VTG dark blue. 

The models will feature a solid metal spine for weight with moulded deck and spigot details.   They are the ideal accompaniment to our existing 40’ hi-cube containers and will be designed to accommodate them.

CAD has been completed and we expect to open the order book soon.

Holdalls and timber carriers in N too…

IWA holdall van Cargowaggon livery
IWA holdall van Norsk Hydro livery
IWA timber carrier Touax livery

Revolution is also confirming that in response to demand it will be offering the IWA holdall van and timber carrier conversions in N. These will be to a similar specification as our other wagons.

We will open the order book for these models in due course.