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Revolution Goes Live – again!

Revolution Trains is planning our fourth Facebook Live at 1900 BST on Tuesday July 28th.

We’ll have exciting news about our long-awaited Class 92 locomotives, plus we will be giving a first glimpse of the Group CAT blue IPA car carrier quad set. These – and the other STVA liveried versions – are just about to leave China.

Mmmm Dysons…

For those modelling the transition era we will have updates on the Class A tankers and MTV Zander wagons and for 00 modellers a chance to assess the livery samples of the 4mm FWA ‘Ecofret’ container wagons.

Class 320 in Scotrail Saltire livery!

There’ll also be a chance to inspect the painted samples of the Class 320 and 321 units, and we’ll be explaining how the final selection process for these models is going to work.

390005 passes Dordon with 1A3 Manchester Piccadilly – London Euston in 2018. Photo courtesy John Whiting

We will have good news for those patiently waiting for the second run of our Revolution/Rapido Trains Pendolinos too.

And, as usual, we do our best to answer any questions you might have about our ongoing projects, future projects or Revolution Trains in general.

See you next Tuesday!