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Revolution ready to paint TINGS red… and silver… and black

Revolution Trains will be at The International N Gauge Show again this year with an exciting display showing latest developments in various new models.

Come and see us on Stand 16.

Rapido have airfreighted to us a pair of factory-finished and complete 9-car “Virgin Pioneer” Pendolinos to show.  Here’s a preview…



First Class centre car with nameplate

Some of the other versions are still in production and the entire shipment will be sent once all versions are ready.  We are expecting this to be sometime next month, though as previously explained a dust problem at the factory added to the delay.   We are glad to report that the paint finished on these models is superb!

For transition era modellers we also have the first livery samples of our forthcoming Class B tankers.  These are still available to order but once all the painted samples have been approved we will be closing the order book and getting the models produced.   We strongly recommend anyone who is still deliberating to come and look at the models and, if they like them, to order quickly to avoid missing the deadline.

Revolution Class B tankers. Shown in B/W for authentic early 60s atmosphere!

Samples of our eagerly awaiting Class 92 will also be on show, and as this model is progressing through the artwork stages we will be happy for supporters to come and have a good look at the model and the many parts that go into it…

Revolution/Rapido Class 92 first sample


Exploded photo showing the sophistication of the tooling

We will have news of our Class 320/321 EMU project and will be trying to turn expressions of interest – which were very encouraging – into hard orders so we can get this model into tooling.

It’s being produced by Rapido, like the Pendolino and Class 92, so quality is assured.

We now have complete CADs of both types and are very keen to commence tooling.


We will have updates on our other projects including the KFA container flats (nearly ready for production) and the forthcoming HOA and IZA wagons – CADs approved for both models.



We will also have stocks of Project Railway Honour Class 66 locomotives available to buy, but they are selling fast… so don’t miss out!

66418 “Patriot” – supporting the ABF and the only N gauge model currently available with the latest Freightiner – Genessee and Wyoming branding.

We will also have exciting news of the first of our proposed projects for 2018 – come and see us on Stand 16.