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Roll out the barrels…

The production of our N-gauge 100 TEA tanker wagons is well underway, and the factory have sent us a couple of photos to show a sense of the scale.

Here, a small number of the moulded barrels are in a tray awaiting checking.


We estimate there are between 120 and 140 barrels – so the total production run will run to well over twenty such trayfulls!

Here, the barrels are being stacked on their ends; we presume ready for painting.


Each model has many more moulded parts, as this picture shows – though only one barrel end sprue is needed per model, and some of the parts are either/or depending on the variant.

N21 VTG TEA first samples 01


Once the models have been painted and assembled, they will be ready for packing and shipping to us and then on to our customers, and once again we would like to thank everyone who has joined us to make this happen.