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RRP set for Sonic 56xx

The RRP of the forthcoming Sonic Models GWR 56xx 0-6-2T locomotive in GWR and BR liveries has been set at £109.95.

The new price will come into effect at midnight on Wednesday March 4th, though this is not an order deadline as the models will still be available after this date.

The 56xx is Sonic’s first powered model and follows the award-winning VEA vans, which debuted in 2019 to wide acclaim.

200 of these powerful and sturdy locomotives were built in the mid 1920s and while initially designed for the heavy trains and steep gradients of South Wales, they rapidly saw service across the GWR and subsequently the western region of British Railways.

Note: Pre-production model. Finished models will have painted black wheel faces.

This is the first 0-6-2 chassis to be offered RTR in N, with a smooth coreless motor driving the centre axle and 6-pin DCC socket and removable bunker weight to allow easy fitting of a speaker for those who wish to add DCC Sound.

The models also have electrical contacts on the sprung rear pony, so that pick-up is from all eight wheels.

Note pick-ups and springing of rear pony.

The models are available to pre-order in 6 liveries:

6623 in GWR green with Great Western lettering

5616 in GWR green with GWR lettering

6639 in BR unlined Black and early emblem

5633 in BR unlined green with late crest

6681 in BR lined green with small late crest and weathered finish.

6681 with weathered finish

5637 in BR lined green with late crest. This locomotive is modelled as preserved, and priced to allow Revolution to make a donation to support its owners, the 5637 Steam Locomotive Group.

Model of 5637 on the splasher of the real thing!

Production is scheduled to begin now with delivery expected in Q3 2020, though the ongoing public health issues in China are having an impact on all model train manufacturers.