Introduction to our Shop

We thought that it would be helpful to give you some quick information about us before you place an order. We (Ben & Mike) created Revolution Trains in 2014 and since then we have successfully delivered numerous crowdfunded models – in return for your backing and pre-orders we guarantee that you will get our models at the cheapest price (the earlier you sign up the cheaper your models).

When we have stock of completed projects we will offer any remaining stock for sale, however please note that we typically only send out orders at most once per week – there is no fixed posting day as it depends on what you order and where the stock is located plus whether we are out on site researching new projects. Please note that we reserve the right for any in stock items to be posted up to 28 days after your order, though we will always try to send out orders more quickly.

As all our projects arrive at different times, please only order one product line per order – that makes it easier for you and us to track items ie please do not put containers on the same order as KFAs or 321s with 92s – different liveries/variants of the same products are fine so, for example, different liveries of JNA/MMA EALNOS wagons on the same order are fine; or Class A tanks and MTV/ZKV Zanders on the same order are OK as they are all being produced at the same time. 

If you place orders with mixed products on it creates more admin for you and us – we will refund one of the product lines and ask you to re-order (if you wish!).

Thanks for your understanding!