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Sonic 56xx meets mini-me!

Revolution Trains was recently invited by the 5637 Steam Loco Group to the East Somerset Railway so the forthcoming Sonic Models N-gauge 56xx could be introduced to one of the surviving prototypes.

5637 SLG Treasurer Duncan Thom with Revolution’s Ben Ando

5637 is 94-years-old, and keeping her going involves a combination of hard work, skill, and TLC. But members of the group were keen to see how well the Sonic Models 56xx captures the look of the real thing…

Can you spot the N-gauge model…?
Now maybe…?
1:148 scale – a miniature masterpiece!

Sonic Models’ 56xx captures every detail of the locomotive as she is now, even down to the tiny plate commemorating the life of Brian Hankins, one of the group’s founder members.

Driver Chris and fireman… Chris.

Once the model had passed muster, Revolution’s Ben was given the opportunity to fulfil a long held ambition and drive the locomotive… at times reaching the giddy speed of 15mph…

Partial steam ahead!

The Sonic Models 5637 includes a small premium on the price which will be donated to the 5637 SLG to help them fund a major overhaul of the locomotive which is due by 2021.

As well as 5637 in BR lined green with late crest, the models are available to pre-order in BR Black with early crest, BR plain green, GW green with GWR lettering and GW green with Great Western lettering. You can pre-order from Revolution here for an earlybird price saving approximately £20 on the sale price once the models are delivered.