Sonic Models

Sonic Models is a new company set up by Sam Leung, a former Kader/Graham Farish engineer. Sam was responsible for the design of some Farish’s best-known and appreciated models. Sam approached us in 2018 with the CAD of his VEA van which we were so impressed with that we offered to act as his distributor in the UK (and provide some assistance on research and livery diagrams).

Please click on the headings for more detail on each model:

VEA vans

Sonic Models VEAs

September 2019 saw the delivery of the VEA van by Sonic Models which is available direct from our website or from some of our retailers. The VEA is available in 3 liveries (BR Maroon, Railfreight red/grey and Railfreight Distribution grey/yellow).

GWR 56xx 0-6-2T steam locomotive

Sonic’s second model will be an N gauge model of the popular GWR 56xx 0-6-2T steam engine. The 56xx is available for order from Rails of Sheffield. We expect the models to arrive in the UK estimated Q2-3 2020.

Sonic Models N gauge 56xx steam locomotives

Should these models be successful then Sonic Models hopes to introduce new models each year.

Sam Leung with one of the first decorated samples of Sonic’s 56xx