Sonic Models 56xx GWR 0-6-2T

Sonic Models working with Revolution Trains is offering the attractive GWR/BR(W) 56XX 0-6-2 tank engine as its first steam locomotive.

Order now from Rails of Sheffield – model in production now. Please click on Projects for the latest information including delivery estimate.

New announcement – 31/03/2020: the 56xx models are entering production and we are delighted to announce that we are able to offer 6 new versions (only available to order direct from Rails of Sheffield):

S2101-01A: 5643 BR lined green, late crest
S2101-04A: 5619 BR unlined black, early emblem
S2101-06A: 6671 GW unlined green with GREAT WESTERN lettering
S2101-07: 5609 GW unlined green with shirtbutton logo
S2101-08: 6602 BR unlined black with BRITISH RAILWAYS lettering
S2101-09: 5644 GW Unlined green with plain GWR block lettering

200 of the attractive 56XX locomotives were built at Swindon (with a small number built in the North East due to capacity issues) and designer C B Collett borrowed heavily from the proven south Wales valleys engines inherited by the GWR. The locomotives were reliable and sturdy and while originally intended for traffic in south Wales they rapidly saw service across the GWR, and subsequently the western region of British Railways, from the South West to the Midlands. All were withdrawn by the end of 1965, and nine are now preserved.

The models will be available in GWR green, BR green and BR black, and will feature coreless motors, NEM 6 pin decoder socket, NEM couplers, original or later style driving wheel balance weights, Swindon or Armstrong (NE) safety valves, detailed cab interior and accessory detail pack. The 56xx will also innovative features including pick up on all eight wheels, including the pony, and removable bunker weight to simplify the fitting of a speaker.

S2101-01 – 5637 in lined BR Green with late crest*, short top feed and heavy wheel weights.  This represents the locomotive as preserved, with 82H shed code, and includes a small plaque on the fireman’s side that reads “John Hankins – 1928-2013” in honour of one of the key members of the restoration team that worked to bring 5637 back to operational order from the mid 1980s.  This model includes a small premium to enable Revolution to make a donation in due course to the 5637 Steam Locomotive Group to support their work.

S2101-02 – 6681 in lined BR Green with late crest*, short top feed and original wheel weights.  This locomotive features the smaller sized BR crest carried by some tank locomotives and will be weathered.  It carries 84E (Tyseley) shed code.

S2101-03 – 5633 in unlined BR Green with late crest*, tall top feed and heavy wheel weights.  This locomotive features the standard sized BR crest carried but is unlined and carries for 88A (Cardiff Cathays) its last allocated shed.

S2101-04 – 6639 in unlined BR Black with early emblem, short top feed and heavy wheel weights. A significant number of the 56xx class were repainted into BR Black following nationalisation, and in most cases the top feed was also painted.  It carries shed code 86E (Severn Tunnel Junction) which was its 1948 shed.

S2101-05 – 5616 in GWR green with Egyptienne lettering, tall top feed and heavy wheel weights. A number of locomotives retained their GWR branding after nationalisation for a short period, including 5616.

S2101-06 – 6623 in GREAT WESTERN green with Egyptienne lettering, tall top feed and original wheel weights.  This locomotive was built in January 1928.  It has been preserved and is currently being overhauled.

* Note all BR late crest locos will have the lion facing left on both sides.  

5633 in BR unlined green and 5616 in GWR livery. Photo: Phil Parker

Revolution and Sonic would like to say thanks to the owner and operators of the fabulous James Street layout for allowing us to test run the model at TINGS 2019, under Sam’s watchful gaze!

James Street’s sheer size gave the 56XX a good workout but despite its relatively small stature the model was able to haul 42 loaded coal wagons on the flat – and managed 30 up a 1:100 incline.