VEA vans

Revolution Trains in partnership with Sonic Models is offering the VEA airbraked van in N gauge as its first non-crowdfunded model.

First EP sample.

The VEA vans were converted from BR Vanwides from 1978-1983 and designed to offer an airbraked wagon for MoD munitions and supplies that could negotiate the tight curves at some Army bases. As well as running in short block trains on their own, they also operated in short cuts with a wide mix of other wagons in BR Speedlink mixed freight trains. The VEAs were in widespread use until the mid 1990s and after that still saw service in MoD sidings or depots.

The VEA vans are being produced in the following liveries:

BR Maroon as applied to the first 50 VEAs.
BR Railfreight red/grey as applied to most VEAs.

For each variant several different numbers will be offered, with correct variations in the style and location of BR symbols, warning patches etc.

Pre-production samples in each of the 3 VEA liveries.

Below are some sample consists for anyone yet to decide on which VEAs they would like. Loosely speaking the late 70s and early 80s the majority of VEA vans would have been Maroon, then early 80s started to see the introduction of Railfreight red/grey with the Railfreight Distribution grey with yellow ends introduced in 1990.

If you would still like to purchase some VEAs they are available from some of our retailers or direct from our web shop here.