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Sonic wows with 56xx production samples

Sonic Models has sent through production samples of the forthcoming 56xx 0-6-2 GWR steam locomotive. This is Sonic’s first powered model in N gauge for the British market.

5633 in BR unlined late crest livery

Twelve different versions are available to pre-order, in four GWR and four BR liveries, covering the lengthy and hard-working lifespan of these ruggedly good looking tank locomotives.

6623 in original GWR green with GREAT WESTERN lettering

The models feature high levels of detailing, and all eight wheels pick-up power – even the lightly sprung rear pony wheel. The model is configured to allow a speaker to be fitted in the bunker and the DCC socket is located such that a 6-pin ‘right angle’ decoder can be concealed in the cab.

5609 in GWR green with ‘shirtbutton’ motif

The tooling has been designed to offer a variety of detail differences, including short or long top feeds, tapered or cylindrical buffers, standard or heavy duty wheel weights and with or without the smokebox door number plate.

5616 in GWR green with Egyptienne serif GWR lettering
5644 in GWR green with simplified ‘austerity’ sans-serif block lettering
6639 in BR black with early emblem

The arrival of the production samples is the last stage in the manufacture, and once these are checked and approved the main batch will be cleared for shipping, though ongoing restrictions and capacity shortages in international freight mean that this may take longer than the 4-6 weeks that would normally be allowed.

Sonic’s second powered N gauge model – another steam locomotive – has already been tooled and engineering prototype samples are being assessed. It will be unveiled shortly after the 56xx models have arrived and are being dispatched to pre-order customers.

All models can be ordered from Rails of Sheffield here.