Product support

You will find links to product support and manuals / diagrams on this page.

N gauge

Class 320/321

Class 320 – Strathclyde Orange replacement body shell form

Class 390 Pendolino EMU – instruction booklet

Class 59: ESU Lokpilot Nano CV settings (91604.1 for Class 59/0s, 91604.2 for Class 59/1s and /2s)

Class 59 instruction sheet p1

Class 59 instruction sheet p2

Class 59 – exploded parts diagram

Class 92: support page (includes DCC settings and information)

35t class B tank wagon

IWA holdall vans/timber carriers: replacement wheel sets form

IZA Cargowaggon twin: instructions page 1; page 2; IZA couplers

HOA aggregates hopper: instructions page 1; page 2

IPA car carriers: instructions page 1; page 2

KFA container flat wagon: instructions page 1; page 2

KUA nuclear flask carriers: instructions page 1; page 2

Sturgeon engineers wagons: instructions page 1; page 2

TEA tank wagon: support page

Sonic Models

56xx 0-6-2T instructions: page 1; page 2; possible DCC settings

OO gauge

OO TEA tank wagon

EALNOS aggregates box wagon

We will always do our best to solve any problems or issues that you may have with our products.

Our models contain hundreds of parts and are completely hand assembled. If your model has any defects that originate from the factory, we will repair it using new components or replace it outright should a repair not be possible (provided we still have spares for your particular model!).

What should I do if there is a problem?

First of all take a look at the instructions that came with your model or look at the support page for your model on here – we will add hints and tips as we come across them as well as highlighting any potential problems.

If that doesn’t help please get in contact with us with details of your problem and we will do our best to solve it!