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Common problems/solutions

My tank rattles what should I do?

The tank rattling suggests that the barrel weight (part 32) has come loose from its retaining clip. A loose weight shoul have no impact on running, but if you would like to put it back in position then gently ease off the barrel end (part 6) with no ladders – please take care not to damage any of the detail while doing so! Slot the weight back into the clip –  you may wish to use a small amount of superglue or epoxy to secure the weight. Refit the barrel end.

My wheels are not free running.

First of all check that the wheelsets are correctly seated in the bogies (part 10).

If that does not work then try loosening off the screw (part 41) attaching the bogie by a quarter to half a turn.

Finally check that the close coupling mechanism is not interfering with the wheels. To do this – remove the bogie and check that the H shaped insert (part 7) which holds the coupling in place is absolutely flat and clipped in properly – there is a piece that clips into the barrel and holds the coupling mounting.

If none of the above works please get in contact with us!

My tanks uncouple – what should I do?

A potential problem is either related to assembly or knocks in transit where the close coupler cam mechanism is not flat.

Basically remove the bogies and check that the H shaped metal insert which holds the coupling in place is absolutely flat. The piece clips into the barrel and holds the coupling mounting – make sure that it is completely clipped in.

For more general pointers on couplers – the starting point with any couplers is always check that they  flat. If they are droopy then you can try swapping couplers around or look at the problem referred to above.

One final potential problem is that the coupler pin might be slightly too long – this should not be a problem for most people but if you have any ballast above sleeper level in the track centre then a simple solution is to trim a very small amount off the coupler pin.