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KSAs in colour… Rover ‘cube’ and timber carriers impress

Revolution has received decorated samples of its 00 gauge 1:76.2 scale KSA Rover ‘Cube’ and timber carrier wagons for evaluation.

The prototypes were built in 1995 by Rautaruukki of Finland and intended to carry components for the Rover car company. These parts were large but light, so the wagons were designed to the limits of the loading gauge to maximise the number that could be carried.

Photo courtesy Kevin Payne.

In 2001, after Rover ceased operations, a number were transferred to the Malcolm Group for their Anglo-Scottish services tranporting bulky goods including bottled water, and two wagons were given their colourful red and blue colours.

Revolution is offering the Rover liveried models in maroon and grey in four twin packs, making a total of eight differently numbered wagons available.

Photo courtesy Gordon Edgar.

In addition, the two Malcolm wagons are available in their own twin pack and these will be available from our selected retailers.

Photo courtesy Tom Smith.

In 2012 several of the wagons were selected for conversion into timber carriers for Kronospan traffic from Scotland, north and south west England and south Wales to Chirk. In these trains KSAs are often mixed with the blue IWA ‘Rfnoos’ wagons already produced by Revolution Trains

Photos courtesy Steve Knight, Barry Lewis used under Creative Commons.

The conversion involved removal of the top covers, isolation of the centre well lift mechanism and addition of side stanchions. In addition, slats were cut in the outer ends to improve air flow in some wagons. Revolution is offering both designs.

Once the decorated samples have been checked and assessed the models will be cleared for production. There are some minor changes we want to make such as darkening the blue shade on the Malcolm’s versions.

The deadline for pre-ordering is December 31st 2023, with the models expected to be delivered in Q1-2 2024, subject to delays caused by Chinese New Year.