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TEA – CAD drawings approved for tooling

Revolution have approved the CAD drawings for the TEA tanker and the model will now be sent for tooling.

The final version features body-mounted NEM couplers, etched walkways and numerous separately fitted details.


The early build VTG versions feature short air tanks and appropriate brake piping.


There are variations in hatch configurations – our tooling allows for this.  Some VTG versions comprise (from the ladder end) blanking panel – manlid – triple vent; as shown above, others have two manlids and are configured manlid – triple vent- manlid.


The EWS (Now DB Schenker) and Freightliner versions have twin discharge chutes and yaw dampers at each outer end next to the bogie frame.

TEA 2 17-8-15 003

Close up showing the distinctive “twin” discharge nozzles on these versions, and the strengthening rib detail of the rear face of the headstock and the buffers that will feature on all models.

We will shortly be adding these variants to our shopping pages to allow customers to start confirming their orders, and hope to have samples to show at the N Gauge International Show at Leamington in September.