TEA tank wagon

(Sales of the N and OO gauge TEAs have now closed)

A new generation of fuel tankers were introduced from 2001. Although all variants are visually very similar (the main differences being in discharge gear and walkways) the version we are proposing represents the wagons built by Greenbrier from 2006.

Courtesy Tom Smith/Revolution Trains
Courtesy Tom Smith/Revolution Trains

Our exclusive model is being produced with the full co-operation of their owners VTG, along with operators Greenergy and DB Schenker. We are also offering the attractive Freightliner livery, though Freightliner’s wagons are now owned by VTG.

The model will be produced for us by Rapido and will feature etched metal detail parts and prototypical detail variations.

These wagons tend to run in fairly long rakes, so our models are priced keenly to both reward those who order and allow modellers to assemble prototypically long rakes.

The models we are proposing are (though we reserve the right to supply one of the numbers from the triple packs if insufficient single wagons are ordered):

VTG red:
Single wagon: VTG 88115

TEA - VTG red
Triple pack: VTG 88127, VTG 88133, VTG 88142

TEA - VTG red triple

VTG grey:
Single wagon: VTG 88157

TEA - VTG grey
Triple pack: VTG 88159, VTG 88163, VTG 88172

TEA - VTG grey triple

VTG blue:
Single wagon: VTG 88143

TEA - VTG blue

VTG enviro-message blue – the VTG triple pack features three wagons bearing different environmental messages on the sides:
Triple pack: 8370 7792 028-8, 8370 7792 035-8, 8370 7792 043-2

TEA - VTG enviro triple

Freightliner Green (subject to approval):
Single wagon: FLHH 871001

TEA - Freightliner

DB Schenker EWS grey:
Single wagon: EWS 870200

Triple pack: EWS 870214, EWS 870289, EWS 870311

TEA - EWS triple

Greenergy blue or green – the Greenergy wagons are in two distinct liveries – either blue or green – in the proportions 2:1 so our pack will contain two differently numbered wagons in blue and the third in green:
Triple pack: 8370 7792 001-0, 8370 7792 019-2, 8370 7792 007-7

TEA - Greenergy triple

The Freightliner wagons have now been acquired by VTG and although still painted green have the Freightliner logo patch-painted out, and white VTG lettering applied. We also hope to offer rub-down decal sets to allow the modeller to follow the prototype and cover the Freightliner logo with the VTG identity.

TEA - VTG green

The real wagons run across large parts of the UK.