00/4mm TEA tank wagon project

We are delighted to announce our first 4mm project.  After the popularity of our N/2mm version of the modern VTG TEA tank wagon we have been asked by many OO/4mm modellers to produce the wagon in 4mm scale.  The wagon will be largely similar to our N gauge wagon, but with some 4mm specific details.  The order book is now closed for the TEA tank wagons in 4mm/OO – we closed the order book on 31 March 2017 so that we can begin production, however our dealers will be stocking this wagon – please contact them directly for reservations.  The “early bird” discounted price is £37 (£38.50 for the EWS livery) per wagon and will be open to orders placed by end of June 2016 then the price will rise to the standard price of £40 per wagon (£41.50 for EWS).