N/2mm TEA tank wagon

Orders have now closed (as of 31 January 2016) for Revolution’s second model of the VTG/Greenbrier TEA tanker. The tanks were available to customers who pre-ordered models priced at £26 for all variants except EWS grey which is £27 (due to the licensing fees we have to pay to DB Schenker).

The 2mm/N TEA tank wagons are currently in production after Chinese New Year (February 2016) and expect the models to be with us during April – May 2016.

Painted samples

Swiftly following the first samples were several painted samples which were first shown at the Warley show in November 2015.

image image

First samples

We have been checking the TEA samples for any problems and other than a little tightening of some of the tooling and a couple of tiny niggles there seems to be little at fault.

Ben has put together a short video on the TEA samples and some of the work that has gone into getting us to this point. We hope you enjoy it.


Apoloigies for the indifferent quality of these images – they were snapped on an iPad. To make some of the details clearer I have converted them to black and white.


This image shows the underside. The brake pipes and discharge links are fine wire. The circular witness marks are left by the ejector pins on the tool and are not visible when the model is on the track.


The handbrakewheel on the bogie can be seen in this shot, along with the detailing at the ladder end. We are particularly pleased with the strengthening ribs on the rear faces of the buffers. These are prototypical but rarely depicted! The etched catwalk is slightly distorted due to clumsy handling. Although fairly robust, the fine detailing does mean these models will need to be handled with care.

First CAD files


Etched walkways and lid covers Etched walkways and lid covers

Underframe pipework