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Tell us what you want! Really, really want….in O!

As part of the Gauge O Guild’s virtual show and with our O gauge DRS 37/4 being produced in conjunction with Heljan due soon, we thought now was the time to ask O gauge modellers if there is any interest in us scaling up any of our offerings to the senior scale of 7mm/ft.

We’ve created a simple questionnaire with some suggested models we could scale up, such as:

Our forthcoming model of 975025 ‘Caroline’ inspection saloon in N and OO – would you like it in O as well?
Our N gauge Sturgeon/Tench engineers wagons would make impressive wagons with their size in O!
Looking for a general purpose goods van suitable for the mid-1980s to the current day? How about our IZA cargo-twins?
How about our massive KUA nuclear flask carriers in O – the heaviest wagons currently on the network at 160 tonnes loaded across 4 bogies.

Of course if you have another suggestion we’re always open to ideas and you can suggest something else – perhaps you’d prefer a class 92 in O or a 321 (though seriously we’re more likely to start with unpowered rolling stock)! You can select as many models from our list as you would like, but if you make your own suggestion please only suggest one additional model. Just click on the button below to complete the questionnaire. We’ll leave it running for a few weeks to see what interest there is – thanks!