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The Early-Bird gets the… 321!


The order page for our upcoming Class 320 and 321 units is now live, and offering special Early-Bird prices.

The discount prices will be available until the end of June, then the models will still be available to order but at the higher price.  The aim is to encourage our supporters to back the project sooner rather than later so we can get on with it more quickly!

For the Class 320 three-car units the Early Bird price is £165 (DC) and £260 (DCC Sound)

From July 1st the standard price will be £180 (DC) and £275 (DCC Sound)

For the Class 321 four-car units the Early Bird price is: £190 (DC) and £285 (DCC Sound)

From July 1st the standard price will be £205 (DC) and £300 (DCC Sound)

You can either pay in full, or pay a deposit now and the balance when your model is cleared for production.

And you qualify for the Early-Bird price even if you pay just the deposit!

If you don’t want to commit now, but don’t want to miss out on the Early-Bird price, then we suggest you register for our newsletters without obligation as we will be sending out reminders direct to all subscribers as the deadline approaches.

London Midland in… Scotland?

Incidentally, some customers may have noticed that we have also decided to offer, as a possible, the Class 320 in unbranded London Midland livery.  This is because some are now in service in Scotland in these colours, as this photo by Tom Smith illustrates, with 320411 leading an unidentified unit in Scotrail Saltire livery out of Glasgow Central.