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Upscale downscale from Revolution!

In response to customer demand, Revolution Trains has decided to upscale its popular HOA hoppers from N to 00, and simultaneously downsize its well-received MMA/JNA “Ealnos” hoppers from 00 to N.

Revolution HOAs – about to get blown up!
Revolution Ealnos – that shrinking feeling!

The CAD for the 00 HOA is almost done while shrinking the 4mm box wagon down to N is not quite completed yet.

Preliminary CAD for 00 HOA

The 00 HOA will be offered in the same liveries as those already produced in N, namely EWS Construction, Cemex, DB red, Ermewa/Tarmac grey and VTG/Mendip Rail silver.

Similarly, the N Ealnos model is likely to be offered in DB Red, Ermewa/Tarmac grey, VTG Blue, GBRf blue and VTG/Mendip Rail silver, however since the 00 model was produced more versions have appeared, including dark red Touax and mid-blue VTG and Cappagh branded versions; and it may be these are offered instead of some of the previous versions.

Touax JNA at Westbury. Photo courtesy Jo Alder.
VTG JNA at Westbury in new mid-blue livery. Some wagons in this colour carry large “Cappagh” branding. Photo courtesy Jo Alder.

Once CAD work is completed on both these models and we are ready to begin tooling we will be opening the order books. As ever there will be a “best value” earlybird price to encourage early orders and help us progress these projects speedily.