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VEAs, HOAs, IPAs – happy days!

The Revolution Trains/Sonic Models VEAs have arrived, and are about to be shipped out to retailers.

VEA vans on parade!

There are three different liveries, with five different numbers available in BR maroon and BR Railfreight red/grey and three in BR Railfreight Distribution grey/yellow.

The prototypes were fitted with air-brakes in the late 1970s for use transporting MoD munitions; in an era of stock of ever increasing length their short wheelbase made them ideal for the restrictive trackwork in military bases. They lasted in mainline use into the 1990s though some can still be seen in depots and on preserved railways.

The VEAs have been produced for the British market by Sonic models, and are also the first models to be sold directly by a Chinese manufacturer using their own brand. Revolution Trains has provided support, livery artwork expertise and is assisting in distribution.

What you get…

They’re supplied in Sonic’s own packaging, and the models come with a selection of detailing parts including cosmetic coupler hooks and air pipes along with illustrated fitting instructions.

The models are highly detailed with separately fitted, photo-etched door handles, exceptional levels of detail on the underside, kinematic NEM couplers and separate metal buffers.

Close examination shows that apart from the different running numbers there are numerous accurately represented differences in painting and labelling including correct buffer shank and roof edge colours, lettering, position and style of data panels, and representation of hazard markings. Some even have a representation of the torn remnants of hazard stickers that have been ripped off.

Paul Bartlett’s superb photograph collection was enormously helpful in preparing the livery artwork and Revolution and Sonic would like to thank him for his kind assistance. If you’d like to compare the models to the prototypes Paul’s VEA gallery is here.

The Sonic/Revolution VEA vans in N are available from retailers, of from Revolution direct here.

Hopper deadline approaching

Please note that the clock is ticking if you wish to order HOA hoppers. These have now been approved for production, and we plan to close the order book at midnight on Monday September 16th, just after the International N Gauge Show.

This is intended to give those who have not yet ordered a chance to see the models on display before committing

Also on show will be the decorated samples of our IPA car carriers – although these are approved for production we will hold the order book open for another couple of months to allow our customers (and us!) a little breathing space.

Nearer the time we will, as usual, post a map showing our stand location (stand 16- along the right wall as you enter) and we look forward to showing supporters all our exciting new models.

The latest version of our catalogue will be available to pick up free and we will have one or two exciting announcements!